STR8UP is the New Internet Talk Show Segment that focuses on Today’s Generation an growing problems in the World. STR8UP looks for Encouraging people in the Entertainment Industry to use there voice Positively with plans of Affect & Action. The Interview will be focusing on an Introduction of a recent problem as in Gun Law,Teen Parenting,Addition,HIV/AIDS with Entertainers,Actors,Sports Players,Writers etc an Resolved answers from your point of view to fix these Problems. STR8UP is a new Show that Focuses on different ways to fix the “Problems” in today’s world an to lead the future Generations towards a Positive lane in Life through Entertainment. “STR8UP” is a New Show that face the Optical people think that’s impossible break with the help of Celebrity Special Guest. “STR8UP” is reaching out to different Urban Communities promoting Positivity an giving hope to the future Generations.




2 thoughts on “STR8UP TALK SHOW

  1. As a young north Philly artist ,i understand music has a major impact on our youth and the most music played is about violence. I understand when you speak from the heart as an artist. You speak on what you know ,but most of the artist now days do not switch up the subject ,meaning music is a powerful influence and if we use it in another way we can see changes ,but thats just my opinion

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